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Coffee Time & Morning Rituals

While Mike’s second coffee has him thinking of past coffees, and remembering other times, other places, and conversing with cats about the weather. I find it’s that first cup of morning Joe that sparks my brain into life. Especially if it’s a cool morning then, I sip it outside, in the shade on the balcony, listening to the sparrows in our privacy hedge chirrping at one another.

Their frenetic chatter is a constant and I often wonder what it is that they find to talk about, endlessly, as the sun slowly edges its way around our apartment building, bringing glimpses of the day to come. Like this morning, the subtle change from cool to humid.

I brought out the water bottle this morning, filled the bird bath and sat to one side sipping my home made latte. They came, they danced at my feet. Sipped the water and told me it’s going to be another hot one, and thanks for the water.

At least, in my mind, that’s what they said. I tossed them the last of my breakfast toast and came inside, leaving them to it. A mother brought her babies to the water, she showed them how to scoop it up for a drink. I smiled, happy.

Some days, life can be perfect.

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