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Cutting the Cord

So we did it.

We cut the cord. The final snip, as it were, in the media roundabout. We dropped Apple+ TV (albeit, we were on a 3 months free trial so, no loss there). We also did the same with Netflix which expires on the 8 of August. I can’t say I’ll miss it and, as the OH points out, we can sign up for the month the next Bridgerton season is released (next year).

And now?

We’re free to look at either other options or, take a break completely for the rest of the summer – and I can get some much needed reading done instead – or you, Dear Reader, can throw some of your top suggestions my way.

I’m thinking if we do sign up for anything it needs to offer a lot of SF content, movies, and or cozy crime (think, less violence).

The OH is looking at Paramount + while I’m thinking Disney.

What say you, good people?

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