Ode to the Weather

Why are we constantly surprised by the weather, every season, with exclamations like, “Damn, why is it so hot today?” or “Can you believe we got SEVEN feet of snow last night?” to “How cold did you just say it was outside?” As if we forgot, forgot what it was like last summer, or last winter, or any season that went before.

It’s true, that humans have a huge capacity to forget. It’s a fact. We forget were we put the keys, or who we’re supposed to text back, or where we left the car at the mall. But this innate ability to forget how hot or cold each season might have been, seems, well, a little hard to swallow. Especially if, like me, you live in a province of extreme weather. Here the temperature can be plus thirty five during the summer, and minus thirty five during the winter.

I mean, how do you forget extremes like that?

It seems inconceivable, and yet, that’s exactly what happens. And every year it’s the same, I say to myself, I must buy a mobile AC unit, usually in the middle of summer. Or, I really should buy that mobile heater, usually in the middle of winter.

Maybe this year I’ll remember to actually buy one or the other before I need it.

Here’s hoping we don’t break any weather records this year. And you?

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